Random Type Experiements

My experiments are basically, trying to create the devanagari character, by firstly finding the phonetic equivalent of the character in the latin script ( can be 1 or more letter forms)  and then using the latin form to inspire the form of my devanagari character.

It’s been a lot of fun!!




This is part of the #47daysofdevanagaritype challenge.

Randomtpyefacts #2

Why is it called X height?

The X height of a typeface is the height of the lowercase letter, excluding the ascenders and descenders, i.e. the distance between the baseline and the tops of the letters. Ever wonder why is it called x height, and not any other letter?

When we analyse the anatomy of typography, we see that the curves of certain letters such as the ‘o’ or the ‘s’ may extend below the baseline, or above the x height line.

So we need a letter, that is flat at the top, and the bottom. moreover the serifs of the letter x are always horizontal, as opposed to the letter “z” which could have vertical serifs as well.

Finally, x is the only letter in the entire alphabet that is perfectly symmetrical both horizontally and vertically.

Therefore the letter ‘x’ can give the most accurate height of any typeface.

X height2



Randomtypefacts #1

UPPERCASE & lowercase

Today, we refer to capital letters are uppercase, but the origin of the word dates back to the times of Movable type. When a typeface was cast, each font was kept in a different case. The commonly used smaller letters were placed at a more accessible lower level and the case with the capital letters was place above. Therefore the capital letters were literally upper case.

Book of Movable Typefaces!

I keep looking for new things to share with my students and I came across this fantastic book by Kevin Steele called The Movable books of Letterforms.



The concepts of typography are so beautifully explained in this pop up book! Every page has been a delight, but my absolute favourites are the ones with the ligatures and the anatomical forms.





Unfortunately this book is a limited edition of 3 and wont be made available commercially.

(via Design Taxi)